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Holiday Party 2020 Invite

— December 15, 2020

At 7 PM on Thursday, December 17, you are invited to a Virtual Holiday Party hosted and created by Montreal Quaker Meeting. If you wish, arrive with your version of Christmas drink, nibbles, and holiday attire.

Entertainment will be provided by anyone who feels like it. We have heard rumors of carol singing, a grand piano, Christmas ghost stories, poetry, a pump organ, a Christmas quiz, puppets, personal Christmas accounts, and maybe even dance. We aren’t sure of any of this (except the grand piano), but it will be fun.

However you want to take part, please just show up. You can present a party piece or relax and enjoy the festivities. Feel free to bring friends, partners, children, and pets. We will be very happy to see you all!

Here’s a link to connect.

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