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Montreal Quakers

Quebec City Worship Group


Every first Sunday of the month, from 11 a.m. to noon.

How to find us

Café la Mosaïque, 5727, rue Saint-Louis, Lévis, QC, in the meeting room. Café la Mosaïque is on Saint-Louis street, at the corner of Dorimène-Desjardins, only a few meters from Côte-du-Passage.

If this will be your first time at a Quaker Meeting, you may want to read this information about what to expect.


Vaccine passport and proof of identity required.


Free parking on Sunday on Saint-Louis street, in front of the café.


Contact us for details, or contact the worship group directly via email at or via Facebook.


Please let us know if you require additional information or accommodations for accessibility.


  • Wheelchair accessible street parking is available (the sidewalk is level with the street).
  • The group meets on the main floor. There are no stairs to enter the café or its bathroom.
  • The doors are not automatic.


  • The Quebec City worship group is primarily in French.
    • Most participants are bilingual
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