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Montreal Quakers

Introduction to Quakers

 Meaningful life: Quakers seek clear purpose

  • We aim to be in touch with what is truthful, important, joyous.
  • Each person is called to live differently.
  • Our community exists to give us strength to live boldly.

 An accepting community of equals

  • We celebrate leadership but minimize hierarchy; we have no paid positions.
  • Everyone, including children, may be a “minister.”
  • No national organization makes decisions for Montreal Quakers.

 Open-ended quest: Quakers don’t tell people what to believe

  • Of Christian roots, the Quaker tree has many branches, from Christian to non-theist.
  • We love Quaker authors but have no holy book, no articles of faith or creed.
  • We seek loving, meaningful lives using any means that speak to us.

 Quakerism is a running experiment

  • Every week is unique.
  • 400 years later, we’re still having fun.
  • Most of us discovered Quakers as adults; we remember being a newcomer.
  • We welcome you to join us in building a better world together.

See how a meeting works for more about what worshiping with us is like.

Learn why we call Quaker values our testimonies.

Feel free to write or call with questions, or to sit with us any Sunday.