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About Quakers

Quakers are a community of seekers with diverse beliefs. We seek meaningful life, an accepting community, and doing good in the world.

Quakers cherish humanity, perceiving an Inner Light or “that of God” in every human being. Love is the source of Quaker values and our peace-building work.

We are an active and affirming community  Rainbow flag  All are welcome.

Quaker practice

The centre of the Quaker meeting is our quiet meeting for worship. We sit and seek a stillness together, without any special leaders. Hard to describe, we enter into a kind of communion with each other, the world, and with the divine presence. Sometimes out of this silent unity comes a message — someone may speak, read, pray or even sing.

We are Quakers of all kinds — Christian Quakers, nontheist Quakers, Buddhist Quakers, and more — gathered in a circle around our 400-year old practice and our common quest to better live love.

Where we meet

Here are our opportunities to join us:

Our meeting joyfully welcomes children — please contact us to confirm the details. We have a special event for children the 3rd Sunday of the month. Please feel welcome to just show up at the Greene Centre.

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Josh Brown
Quakers believe that if you want to find out what God has to say, you need to listen. And so we spend a lot of time listening in quiet prayer. That quiet prayer time, which can happen anytime, anywhere, is the heart of the Quaker religious experience.

What to Expect in Quaker Meeting for Worship

Maggie Harrison
If you are going to go into Quaker Meeting for the first time, first of all, congratulations. So you walk in, sit down, be quiet. What to expect when you’re there, besides just “go with the flow” is different things depending on where you are.

What Should I Wear?

Vanessa Julye
Unlike some other churches, you don’t need to dress up with suit and tie or a fancy dress. Most of the folks come in jeans, t-shirts, or shorts/t-shirts. Whatever you’re comfortable in. Should I Bring My Kids?

Maggie Harrison
So you’re thinking about coming to Meeting and you have children. You really need to know that you have to bring them. They may or may not enjoy themselves but we’re always so thrilled to have young people join us. They come and they’re bringing their alive-ness and their love and their genuine-ness. So please, yes, bring them.

Entering The Space: A Plain Setting

Maggie Harrison
So if you come into this space and you’re looking for images or words on the walls, some kind of direction, and you’re going to notice that there isn’t going to be any there. From the very beginning of Quakerism, its about the inside. So it’s about you not looking around you for that, but really going inward for your own wisdom, for your own piece of the divine that’s been given to you.

Kody Hersh
Sometimes a worship room will look like a really old building with benches that have been sat on by thousands of Quakers over hundreds of years and sometimes it will look like the basement of another local church.

Entering the Space: Where Should I Sit?

Kody Hersh
Something that’s common to them is that people often will enter already in silence, find a place in the room and sit down in silence. Anyone coming into the room can sit anywhere, there’s not a right place or a wrong place to sit.

The Service: Learning to Listen

Christie Duncan-Tessmer
So before you go into Meeting for Worship for the first time, I’ll tell you what I’ve always told my kids when they were little, every week before we went in, which is just, “remember when you go in, to just sit down and listen for God. God is here with us and this is a space to listen.”

Charlotte Cloyd
The first time I went to Quaker Meeting I didn’t know how to listen. Because I had never listened in church before. I had to work on that process of figuring out: what am I listening for? Am I listening to myself? What’s going on? What is everyone else listening to and how does that affect the community and me?

Maggie Harrison
So in that quiet-ness you walk in, you say, “Ok, everyone is sitting there quietly, when are the directions going to come? What am I going to do?” Just follow suit.

Christie Duncan-Tessmer
Just sit down in that space. Just feel the space and the people around you and open yourself as much as you can. Just continue to notice how you can be aware of all that’s around you and all that’s within you, and how that’s all connected to everybody else in the room.