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Resumption of meetings in Quebec City in June

— May 28, 2021

The sanitary rules having been relaxed, our silent worship scheduled for June 6 at 1:00 p.m. will take place as planned at the All Saints Chapel, 31 rue des Jardins in Old Quebec, this building is located in the courtyard of the Anglican Holy Cathedral. Trinity. Parking is available. This meeting will be followed by informal exchanges.

Certain prevention rules must be applied:

  • Hand disinfection at the entrance.
  • Wearing a mask.
  • The chairs will be amply distanced (we are few).
  • No drinks and no food will be served.

For people coming for the first time, I invite you to read or reread how a Quaker meeting works.

The premises are kindly loaned to us by the Anglican Cathedral of Quebec. As a thank you, a box is always on site to collect donations that will be given to the cathedral. The donation is at the sole discretion of each individual and is voluntary.

If you’re late, that’s okay: when you’re ready, come join the quiet worship.

N.B. A second meeting for exchanges and information in French on Zoom will likely be held in June. We keep you informed.

The Quebec City Worship Group

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