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Committees & Roles

Quakers recognize and celebrate leadership, but minimize hierarchy. The purpose of these roles is not so much to make decisions, and certainly not to impose decisions on others, but rather to facilitate the collective listening to Spirit in decision-making, a listening that is at the heart of Quaker life.

If you see a role that you’d like to learn more about, please feel free to contact us.



Ministry & Counsel

Ensures that Meeting for Worship or for Business proceeds on the basis of a silent and attentive search for Divine guidance; arranges Meetings for marriage; prepares the annual Spiritual State of the Meeting report. This committee is responsible for adult religious education and silent announcements. Oversees the nurture and support of members and attenders, convening clearness committees for those who need or request them; assists with arrangements at time of death and sees that ill, troubled, or needy Friends are visited. See Organization & Procedure chapter 7 for more information.


Considers capabilities, experiences, special gifts and talents of members and attenders as well as duties and responsibilities of each committee and office to select friends to serve the Meeting.


  • Responsible for email communications
  • Runs the website

Volunteers for First Day School

  • Helps on a rotating basis with First Day School

Indigenous Committee

  • Helps the meeting advance indigenous rights