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Travelling Quaker-style

If you’re travelling or moving somewhere, don’t hesitate to ask the clerk for a letter of introduction. Forward this letter in your communication to local Quakers and they will be even more likely to give you tips on places to eat, siteseeing, and perhaps even places to stay. This minute isn’t required but it can’t hurt. Either way, when travelling, we encourage you to contact local meetings: it’s a great way to meet wonderful locals via the Quakers and better know your destination as well. Sometimes, a local meetinghouse, such as Toronto Meeting, may even have accommodations available. It may be best to contact us to learn more before reaching out.

Moving elsewhere

If you’re moving somewhere, don’t hesitate to ask the clerk for a letter of introduction. This can help local Quakers know who you are: they may be even more likely to offer local tips and tricks, job and housing opportunities, and useful connections, even well before you move.

Bringing greetings

When Quakers travel, we often bring greetings from our home meeting to other meetings. Unless this greeting is officially minuted by the clerk, it is often called “unofficial greetings,” but Quakers often “bring greetings,” even if unofficialy, when introducing themselves in another Quaker meeting. It’s a nice thing to say if you remember to do it.

How to find other Quaker meetings


Letters of Introduction

A “letter of introduction” is a communication signed by the clerk of a monthly meeting that identifies the person who is traveling as a member or regular attender in good standing. This can be useful when visiting or moving somewhere.

Minutes of Travel

A “travel minute” is usually for a trip concerning Quaker business, for instance, someone who travels to many meetings to listen or teach. A travel minute is a formal document from a local meeting on behalf of a member or attender introducing the Friend and the reason for the trip. Unlike a letter of introduction, a minute of travel from the clerk must have approval of the meeting. If the Friend is traveling extensively outside of Canada, it is also appropriate for the letter to be approved by the yearly meeting and signed by its clerk.