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Meeting in French on the 13th of May

— May 10, 2021

A meeting on Zoom in French will be held on Thursday May 13 at 7:00 p.m. The purpose of this meeting is to get to know each other but also to answer any questions you may have. We expect it to last about an hour (we’ll see). Use the contact form for the Zoom link. It’s okay if you tune in late. Let this not be a hindrance. We give more importance to your presence than your punctuality. Usually we start meetings with a short period of silence so don’t be surprised if you join in and come across a group of people who are not speaking. It’s normal! Stay on the line and the meeting will resume in a more lively fashion in a minute or two.

Quakers attach great importance to silence but also to listening. This meeting is not a place of debate but of exchanges with the greatest respect for differences. Here is roughly what we plan to do:

  • Short period of silence.
  • Getting to know each other (free and informal exchanges)
  • Answer questions of all kinds concerning the Quaker movement. We will answer all questions to the best of our knowledge. (cult, history, beliefs (or not), inclusiveness, environmental and social justice issues, administration, activities, etc.)
  • Discussion (if applicable)
  • Information on the continuation of the activities of the Quebec group (very soon we hope, we are confident for June)
  • Conclusion
  • Short period of silence

If you have any other ideas they are welcome!

It will be a real pleasure to meet you! If the experience turns out to be positive, we will repeat it for the benefit of those interested who cannot travel to Quebec. This will be part of the discussions.

Jean-Louis Demers
For the Quaker Group of Quebec

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